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Certain industry sectors are particularly burdened by the amount of back office processes they have to deal with such as billing, accounting, purchasing, invoicing, and procurement. This ends up producing sizeable amount of documents in the form of bills, receipts, invoices, and others. The data from these documents has to be captured, collated, and organized in a way, which enables their effective usage.

Offline data entry is a method by which this can be done. In order to improve and enhance their business efficiency, companies can either carry out non-core tasks such as offline data entry themselves or outsource it to an experienced data entry service provider, so that they can focus on their primary business goals. In-house offline data entry can be time consuming as well as require additional investment of staff, infrastructure, and resources.

Collaborating with Q2 Serves, a leading data quality management outsourcing provider, can provide the answer to your pressing data entry problems. We provide customized and high quality offline data entry services for diverse kinds of projects, irrespective of their size and complexity.

Services we offer Under Offline Data Entry Services

Excel Sheet and
MS Word Document Data Entry

Offline Entry of Data from One Version/Format to Another

Catalog Data Entry

Form Filling (Survey, Retail, Medical, Insurance, Enrollment)

E-Books Entry

Offline Entry of Insurance Claims

Data Entry from Mailing Lists, Websites and Image Files

Data Entry Into Database Programs

We have a dedicated and experienced team of data entry professionals to perform any offline data entry service. Our data entry professionals can key in data in any database provided by a client or even in a word processor most accurately and with fast turnaround time. We follow a "double entry" process to ensure high levels of accuracy. We also perform random checks on at least 5% data and use in-house developed program level checks to ensure accuracy and minimize errors.

Q2 Serves has significant expertise in managing all kinds of data entry projects. We are one of the leading data entry services provider amongst all other's in india. Being in the business since 2005 we have the required experience and the expertise to manage projects of any size.

Why it makes business sense to outsource offline data entry to India?

Today, India is the leading destination for data entry services outsourcing. There are virtually innumerable numbers of small and big firms that offer data entry, processing and conversion services.

India has been favorable to companies in the data entry business because of its accessibility of low cost resources, the technology and the time difference (that exists between US/Europe and India). If you've been on the search for an outsourcing partner to work with you in your data entry needs, chances are you've stumbled on a lot of choices with companies / freelancers. Most often than not, many of these companies fail in providing services because of their inability to communicate properly with their American or European counterparts, misjudged requirements, or lack of security measures.

Choose Q2 Serves as your offline data entry partner and you can be assured that you will not face any of these problems.

To further benefit our outsourcing customers, Q2 Serves ensures that all our clients will feel they have partnered with one of the best data entry services provider offshore as we guarantee very high quality of data entry service and maintain near 100% levels. For further information about our data entry benefits, please contact our sales team. Call us, E-mail us at or fill-up our Request for proposal form below, we will get back to you with full details of quote and turn around time.