Logistics Data Entry Services

Logistics Data Entry Services

Speed is of the essence in the field of transportation and logistics. Efficient logistics mechanisms are vital for smooth and effective supply chain management. Companies are using digital technologies to process their shipment and transportation related information quickly to ensure efficient pickup and delivery of their shipments, while reducing costs. Logistics data entry is a vital part of this process.

However, carrying out logistics data entry is tedious, time consuming and requires a high degree of technical competency. It can also lead to accrual of high operating costs. A far more advantageous strategy is to outsource logistics data entry. This would help transportation companies and logistics support providers quickly and efficiently manage large volumes of document and data. This will reduce the focus on non-core business tasks, enhance process efficiency, as well as reduce operational costs.

Q2 Serves is a global IT BPO, has been successfully assisting businesses with their business process challenges for a considerable period. We provide high quality and cost-effective Logistics Data Entry Services to transportation businesses as well as agencies involved in providing logistics support.


Range of services covered by Q2 Serves'

  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • Freight Bill Processing
  • Contract/Rate Management,
  • B3 form data entry for customs brokerage businesses
  • Bill of lading verification and data entry
  • Invoice Processing

Q2 Serves has a highly experienced team of data entry specialists, with considerable knowledge of logistics and transportation related transactions as well as international customs regulations and laws.

Why Outsource Logistics Data Entry To Q2 Serves?

Handling logistics is a nasty business because of its hyper dynamic nature, which needs to be dealt with precision and proficiency. Now employing a regular staff means you need to nurture them with pay and skills... which means a lot of time and money investment that must be spent upon cracking new deals and marketing your products. This is the major reason why you need a remotely accessible logistics data entry office. Its cost effective, already filled with trained professionals and 24X7 available at your disposal. Now who wouldn’t want that?

  • We provide efficient logistics data entry services in the fields of road, rail, air and ocean freight and shipping.

  • Dedicated team to handle different shipment projects with experienced project manager in place to ensure that the work is done by the specific time.

  • Highly efficient and competent data entry staff ensures that data is entered into the system with minimal errors; this enhances reliability of data and allows correct logistics decisions to be made.

  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing logistics data entry processes to us reduces your operational costs and promotes speedier logistics transactions.

  • Stringent quality assurance procedures are in place for validation of data entry. This ensures accuracy of greater than 99%

  • Data security measures in place: We ensure secure access to data through secure servers.

  • All logistics data entry projects are completed with a minimal turnaround time, ranging from 12-36 hours

  • Fully integrated eManifest software suite that enhances the efficiency of data entry

  • When you outsource the logistic data entry work to our company, we assure you high quality services with best efficiency and fast turnaround time that leads your business to the edge of the competition. It will give you business access to our experts without having them on your own and get the best outputs at very affordable rates. If you focus on your business, it will increase your customer satisfaction and you can perform the core business operations. As a result, it will help you get more clients and also manage the data without having much operational cost. So, choose Q2 Serves Infotech India as your outsourcing partner and get benefited from the most accurate and confidential services provided for logistic data entry.

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