IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure explores the excitement of technology

Our infrastructure & location is most favorable as it is near to most of its competitors, which enables us to keep a track on the strategy adopted by our competitors. Hence we can plan our strategy after considering the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. Our infrastructure is proficient in terms of Internet connectivity, power, proximity to key amenities, talent availability, quality of employee, costs, state receptivity along with law & order.

The Infrastructure includes:

  • State-of-the-art computerization with fully automated call desks.
  • Uninterrupted and back up power supply.
  • Fully redundant voice and data communications with security.
  • Dedicated high speed internet connectivity.
  • Scalable capacity.
  • Multiple Leased fiber optic circuit from India to US, Australia and Europe.
  • Duplicated system to ensure uninterrupted call reception and uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Data Security

  • Manned and logical data security at entrances.
  • Layered access to physical locations and data.
  • Commercial grade firewall.
  • Network intruder detection system for extra data security.
  • Layer 4 switching with advanced router module for intelligent data routing, monitoring and security.

Dialer Information :

  • 1. Concerto Dialer – Predictive dialer, Answering machine detection(Above 95%), Idle time (Upto 10 sec) and Auto recording.
  • 2. Telesynergy – Predictive dialer, AMD (above 80%), Idle time (Upto 20 sec) and Auto-recording.

Servers :

  • Database Server – ML 360.
  • Voice Log Server – HP Proliant ML 570.
  • Telecontact Server – HP DL360.


Lead report, Agents log-in or log-out report, Disposition Report, Agent Efficiency Report, Average Handling Time, etc.


Cisco-2600,3600 and 1700 series- 3 in quantity with 4E1.


Cisco Manageable Switch and Mediant Series 2000.


Bharti – 1256 Kbps, VSNL- 2000Kbps, Sify Combo or Sify Board Band for Browsing.


Novanet, Sify, VSNL, Swissfone and MCI.


Excellent Configuration systems placed – 100 in number.

Back Up Device

Power and UPS with excellent strength.


Dedicated Internet bandwidth through multiple vendors on self-healing ring topology circuits.

Local Area Network (LAN)

AMP certified Ethernet Network terminated on CISCO routers & Nortel switches

Database & Application Servers

High-end Hewlett Packard servers RAID 5 enabled

Personal Computers

HP Pentium IV PCs with 17” Flat Screen Monitors


High end HP Laser Printers & MFDs terminated on the LAN


Multiple high-speed fiber optic link from different vendors for voice channels.

Dedicated Channels on IPLC extendable on demand

MVoIP (MPLS) Connectivity


Spectrum from Rockwell stable


Concerto Proprietary Hardware Box

Voice Recording

Concerto Proprietary Hardware Box (60% of installed capacity)

Predictive Dialer

Ensemble Pro, one of the leading new generation dialers in the world.

Network Security

  • CISCO ASA Firewall
  • Cyber Roam for Content Filtering & Bandwidth Management.
  • Authorized personnel only access to data center.
  • Maintenance by remote managed services.
  • Hardware & software installations are controlled.
  • Internet access permissions on a need basis.
  • Downloads restricted.

Manned Security

  • Manned Security by Security Guards.
  • Video Surveillance through Honeywell Systems.
  • Data Security.
  • Personal items restricted to lockers outside production area.
  • Dedicated VLANs for Clients.
  • Can setup dedicated VPNs.
  • VPN is being used for INPC currently.