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24/7/365 Customer Support Service Provider

Q2 Serves is an India based inbound customer support call center specialist company who provides bespoke inbound customer services / management solutions to SME's and Corporate businesses Worldwide. Whether your organization requires complete inbound call center services or just additional call answering support during peak hours, Q2 Serves offers bespoke solutions to ensure that your customers have the best customer support experience.

Q 2 Serves is a 24/7 inbound customer services provider, who provides Inbound call center services by which you can keep your business on the go, even when you are not available, to serve your customers. Our customer care call center agents will answer the calls, on your behalf. Q2 Serves Outstanding Customer Service is proved to be effective as compared to the other Inbound Call centers around the globe. Offshore Inbound Call Center representatives, handle your calls efficiently, and according to the way you want them to. You will get time to establish new customers on the board and we will relieve you from making any "Extra Efforts" to retain your current customer base and hence you can concentrate on your core business developments, rather than satisfying your present patrons of business. Outsource customer service requirements and letting us handle your customers will lead to higher levels of satisfaction for your customers in turn yielding productive benefits for your business.

Whether you want us to answer 100 calls or 10,000 calls, our 24/7 call center inbound customer services are always competitive and it eventually proves to be, a professional extension of your business. Q2 Serves is a pioneer in helping organizations do their business with ease. Our inbound call center services help organizations to improve their customer-communication channel. We are specializes in a range of inbound call center services, live chat support services and providing in various other BPO solutions. Our services have proven to be effective in easing communication, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and ensuring better customer relationships.

Our Inbound Customer Support Services includes but not limited to:

  • Coupon Call Handling
  • Inquiry Handling
  • Technical Support Services
  • Help Desk Support Services
  • Customer Support Service
  • Sales Order Processing (Retail and Trade)
  • Data Capture
  • Answering Service / Message Taking / Virtual Receptionist
  • Order Line Call Handling / Order Taking
  • Instant Divert Facility
  • Incident / Event Logging / Contact center
  • Call Answering / Virtual Switchboard

Every business is unique, and a single solution does not fit every business. We understand the uniqueness of your business and tailor our services to match your industry. Our team of managers have many years of experience in managing call center operations and bring to the table the most effective solutions for your unique industry. Our experience enables us to understand the unique approach required to handle different industries, and we proudly bring our expertise to each of them.

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