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call center outsourcing in india
Call Center Outsourcing In India
May 21, 2018

Live chat support vital for online customer service

In today's cutthroat markets, any opportunity in sales or service for you can make you grow more than your competitors. In this automated world, the ability to chat with a live person via a website is a prominent feature for the growth of your business. The utilizing of live chat support may be the vital promotion point that compels a potential customer to prefer your service and products than other competitors in the market. At Q2 Serves, we offer live chat support that helps our clients to have excellent customer service which helps in increasing the overall growth and profits.

Augment customer’s satisfaction by using live chat support

Advancement of internet causes the online shoppers to become well informed and they are expecting more and more from online sellers. Almost every online shopper wants his or her online transactions backed up with live customer support, as they do not want any trouble while purchasing anything online. According to a survey made by Andersen Consulting, almost 62 percent of online buyers said that they would buy more products online if live chat support services were available. Therefore, this arises the need for live chat operator to increase sale values for any business.

Revolutionize your live chat support with Q2 Serves India

In this era of augmented customer expectations, you cannot delay answering any question asked by the customers, or else they will hesitate to complete a purchase. Q2 Serves offers live chat support that helps to answer your customer’s queries on the spot in real-time, which augments customers' satisfaction level. Our live chat support fosters confidence in your customers so that they feel reassured while making their purchase. To accomplish continuous growth, an online business should be capable enough to retain customers and create good relationships with them. Our live chat support can turn a normal visitor into a loyal customer who are likely to return repeatedly to buy more products or services, while at the same time referring your business to their friends and families.

Excellent features of our live chat support

Q2 Serves offers live chat support that has a wide range of features including the easy installation of live chat support to your website, proactive chats, quick-loading chat window, multiple host functionality, secure operation, visitor monitoring, mobile monitoring, complete transcripts of chat sessions, and Customizable Chat Window. In addition, our live chat support sends pre-written answers to commonly asked questions to your customers.

Benefits of utilizing our live chat support for eCommerce websites

Our live chat support saves your money that you spend on customers support, as it eliminates the requirement to maintain an expensive toll-free customer support number. Fewer sales and support representatives are required and their time should be utilized more efficiently. Our live chat support allows representatives to send prewritten answers to frequently asked questions and direct the customer's browser to pages containing requested information.

Our live chat support can help you to improve your customer service in so many ways and eventually boost your profits. Do not miss this great opportunity and implement Q2 Serves’s live chat services to your website as soon as possible.

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