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Q 2 Serves Inbound Call center Specialize in offering effective and accurate answering Services..

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Outbound TelemarketingOutbound Telemarketing Services

Our comprehensive Outbound Telemarketing Services ensures that we generate significant revenues for our clients and provide a return on investment in as short a timescale.

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Transcription ServicesTranscription Servcies

With our Transcription Service team you will get quality results with fixed TAT and best prices in the industry.

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Technical Support ServicesTechnical Support Services

Our IT Help Desk has expanded to the integrated Service Desk. From simple Call Handling to business process reengineering Contact Us Today.

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Real business is what matters for you and we bring you beyond that! We beilieve BPO is not just all about outsourcing. Rather, it is an ongoing process that has covered miles today-including everything that may mean good for your business from sustaining existing business, diving in new business and eventually maintaining the overall growth as well. The considerable growth of the BPO industry has led to the inclusion of new opportunities, making it a stepped process promising business growth. Be it taking best care of your customers through enquiry handling or inbound customer care, management of all your important data, or trouble shooting your technical problems or administration issues, Q 2 Serves BPO brings you advantages in all forms.

The need of the hour is to sustain and survive- making business as well. What will be the ideal way to accomplish your endeavors? Let BPO professionals seek out the ways for you, while you stress on the core competencies of your business leaving behind the tension of planning, analyzing, management, strategizing and recruitment.

Q 2 Serves - 24/7 Inbound Call Center Services Provider:

At Q 2 Serves, you get a determined team of call center professionals working for you 24/7/365 for all your customer support, outbound, back-office or technical support needs. We let you concentrate on your major business goals making you relax, while we carry out the other peripheral activities for you. Why? Our call center team is here to offer your business the edge that you have been looking for. You get Q 2 Serves BPO as a global service provider offering advanced business process outsourcing services to several organizations seeking greater flexibility, higher operational effectiveness and low operating costs. Spending over 9 years in this competitive business process outsourcing industry has given us the expertise to make companies count on our essential BPO-call center services.

Q 2 Serves BPO brings you client –centric business process outsourcing solutions in all respect. Add to its beautifully designed BPO-contact center services, which are perfectly categorized into Outbound Call center Services, Inbound Call Center Services and Back Office Support. We strive to be a true business process outsourcing partner for our clients. Companies those have been working with us all through, leverage on our all round call center services while we ensure to offer them competitive advantage. Our call center system features Technical Support, Virtual Assistance, Database Management, Customer Support and Remote Infrastructure Support.

Our advanced BPO-call center services stimulate your business growth maximizing its potential. We know that everything else stands minor in front of the enduring fundamentals of the time, quality and commitment that we put forward through our actions. After all, your business needs to grow and with us it gets the means to grow!

Why Hire Q 2 Serves For Inbound Call Center Services ?

We are committed, we are determined, we are for quality. And above all, we bring a perfect match of all- Yes, we call ourselves Q 2 Serves Which means Quality with Quantity. We welcome you to be a part of our finest BPO-call center solutions to fuel your business dreams.

What makes us an ultimate 24/7 Inbound Call Center Service Provider ?

Feel free to contact us for all kinds of call center requirements. Reach us for business enquiries by filling out the Request For Proposal form or mail us at to end all your call center worries.